Our Wedding Etiquette Tips You Need to Know in 2018

Here's the low down, the inside scoop, the things you NEED to know about weddings, but aren't being taught because everyone just assumes you already know them. We have attended and worked our fair share of weddings, heck, we even had one ourselves and through the process we learned there are some things the public needs to be educated on:

1. If your name is not on the invitation you are not invited.

This is important. You are not guaranteed a plus one at a wedding and sometimes your kids aren't invited either. So the rule of thumb is to look at who the invitation is addressed to. It if reads "Ms. Jane Doe and Guest" that is your golden ticket to bring a date. 

2. You only need one gift

I thought this one was common sense, but I realized recently this is an unknown for many. You only need to get a couple one gift. If you are invited to three showers for the same couple leading up to the wedding, that does not mean you buy three separate gifts then another one for the wedding day. Now yes, there are some who believe it is proper to bring a gift every single time, but home girl is ballin on a budget so one gift it is. This is why people have showers in the first place - to get their gifts before the wedding day to avoid renting a trailer to haul off all their gifts on the day they say "I do."

3. No technology during the ceremony

We already talked about how important you are in a couple's life if you get the invitation, so I understand the urge to take a pic and share with all your followers on social media, but PLEASE do not do this. By taking out your phone, iPad, professional camera, or whatever you use, you are creating a whole slew of problems. The bride and groom hired someone to take photos and film the wedding, not you, and by doing this yourself you are a distraction for the media team at work. Wait till the reception to take those beautiful pictures.

4. White is off limits

I know it's summer and we want to wear the lightest clothing to cool off a bit, but at weddings white if off limits. Ladies, save that little white dress for a date night some other time. The bride is the only one permitted to wear white on her wedding day, unless she wishes the bridesmaids to wear white too, which is a trend I'm totally into. In this case, as a guest you still can't wear white.

5. Lastly, be on time

That doesn't mean 7 o'clock on the dot, it means 10 minutes before hand because weddings are punctual and they will start without you. Yes, there are extreme circumstances where you simply can't get there on time because a semi is blocking your exit. It happened at our wedding, we get it! But, for the other 99% of weddings, be punctual and enjoy the free meal. ;)