Created with Purpose

If you stop reading here, I hope this one thing sits in: you were created to create, not to compare. 

The past couple of weeks I found myself getting into a habit of comparing my work with others and it always led down the same path, disappointment. Thoughts of not being cut out for videography because my videos are not as good as the work of others kept creeping in my mind and growing. It lead me to placing unattainable expectations for perfection not only on myself, but on Erik as well. Oh what dangerous ground I was on. Y'all, I was expecting perfection, which took grace mercy and all other good things Jesus provides out of the equation. When seeking perfection you are running from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Woof. 

The problem with comparison is it rarely leads to good. When we walk down the road of comparing ourselves to others it leads to jealously, envy, and a lack of thanksgiving for the good gifts the Lord has given you. See the Lord has created you to do something different than the person next to you, you're the one He has for the job, and He has equipped you to do it well and with excellence. Sometimes it can look similar to others. You're both engineering majors, or graphic designers, or mothers, and the list goes on and on. Although you may have the same occupation or job title, the Lord has still created each of you differently and with a unique purpose. 

This past week Erik and I were finishing up our first wedding film as Willow Narrative, and it was flooded with opportunities for comparison. There are incredibly talented videographers who create stunning films and it was so easy to feel as if ours did not measure up. Satan was pulling back his bow and shooting arrows of lies right in front of us. Shortly before Erik and I were finishing the film, Jesus reminded us that we were created to create, not to compare.

The Lord has not just called us to create wedding films, but to pursue Him and share the goodness of Jesus Christ with others. It can be easy to compare, but if that's how you're basing your creativity then your work will be consumed with one upping the work of others - a true striving after the wind. When you allow yourself to create, to truly create, you'll be much more pleased with your work and much more thankful for the talents the Lord has given you. This was true for Erik and I as we completed our first film and I know will be true for you too.

We would love to hear how the Lord is calling you to create - so share your story with us!