The Worst Decision to Make Planning Your Wedding

I remember being hit with 101 decisions all at once. Suddenly the ring was on my finger and it was go time. "When are you getting married?" We've been engaged for two days, how was I supposed to have that figured out already? The pressure to have decisions made was building and at times overwhelming. People were expecting answers from me and I was wanting perfection in every decision. 

I learned a very important lesson: There will never be a perfect wedding. It's true. Something is bound to slip in either the panning or the day of that will disqualify a wedding from being perfect. I don't say this to disappoint or to scare you, but in a way to bring you comfort. With the knowledge that there will never be a perfect wedding, no one can expect perfection from you. 

A couple months before our wedding, our family and friends were generous to host wedding showers for us. The biggest freakout moment I had during the whole wedding process was realizing I sent shower invitations to the wrong set of addresses. I remember sitting in the library freaking out as I was trying to get it all sorted out and Erik and my mom reminding me of truth that this wasn't as big of a deal as I was making it out to be. Emails could be sent explaining the mix up and things would all get worked out. It was a humbling moment for sure, but it was even more so a reminder of truth - we are not perfect, thus we cannot create perfection. 

This is true for each and every decision that is made for your wedding. The worst decision to make planning your wedding is deciding it will be perfect. There will not be a perfect decision, there will just be the one you make. Rest in this as you plan. Know that every decision from the color of the table linens to the number of bridesmaids you choose will all be sprinkled with the grace of God.