Why Every Bride Needs Our Wedding Checklist (free download!)

You're stressed, your fiancé is stressed, everybody's stressed - but guess what? You don't have to be.

Emily and I had a 6-month engagement, which meant we had six months to plan our lovely wedding. I never knew how much planning went into making a wedding happen. You need to order cake, make a guest list, order a guest book, make sure Uncle Ronny doesn't go to the open bar too many times, and a million other little things along the way. We tried to stay organized and stress-free during our wedding planning, but there was A LOT to do.

We got advice from everyone, downloaded multiple apps, organized our details in a big binder...and the list goes on. Because of this madness, I wish at some point we would have had a checklist to make sure we weren't forgetting anything. It would have taken a lot of stress away and maybe even helped us practice a little more patience. That's why we've created our Wedding Checklist for you.

Photo by: Allie Raney | Sweet smiles by: Emily + Erik

Photo by: Allie Raney | Sweet smiles by: Emily + Erik

No two people plan their wedding the same. We've seen couples who were engaged for three months and some for two years. Vastly different. That's why we've created the checklist "timeline free" so you'll have a centralized place to check off tasks so no one forgets to order the cake. We're praying for peace and patience for you in this season of your life, and I hope this checklist will help you breath a little and enjoy being engaged. 

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