A Trustworthy Provider

This time last year I didn't know exactly what I was envisioning for post college to look like, but I don't think it looks anything like what life looks like now - and I'm grateful for this. 

In my four years as a student in business school I was told to get a big time internship one summer, and then the next summer, and then the next, and then those opportunities would hopefully guarantee a career with that company post graduation. The whole large company internship thing never really attracted me, but the job post graduation did. Internships and jobs are all good things and needed in order to pay the bills, but my heart behind this thinking was the problem. 

Security. It's something I crave and I believe we all crave to an extent because God made us this way so that we may turn to Him, the only constant one, the true provider of security. 

As many of you know who have heard our story - when we got married the summer after I graduated college, I didn't have a job and Erik lost his shortly after. We are now 10 months removed from those experiences and the thing that still remains is our deep need to cling to the Lord as our source of provision. 

I was told (by Oscar on the Office) that on average a small business owner is not able to take a salary for three years. The fact that we have had the capability to pay ourselves almost every month is evidence of the Lord's provision. 

Last month was possibly the toughest for me to believe that the Lord provides. We weren't able to pay ourselves. How is that provision? I simply needed a perspective shift. We had money in savings to pay for our monthly expenses, that was the Lord's provision. 

Money is a funny thing to talk about and makes a lot of people uncomfortable, but it doesn't need to be that way. The reason I'm writing this is two fold: to remind myself that our God is faithful to provide, and to simply say we're not in this business for the money. We could find other professions and start working 8-5 jobs that could probably earn us bookoos of money, but that's not what the Lord has called us to. 

Just as our God made it so clear to us how He wants us to work for His kingdom in June 2017, He continues to make it clear in April 2018, we simply need to trust in Him to provide during the process.

I know we're not alone in this. I know the Lord calls people daily to do something a bit uncomfortable and I'm here to encourage you to do as He has called. If your only hesitation is "How is God going to provide in this?" take the plunge, jump out of the boat and do it because our God is faithful to provide for the needs of His children.