12 Things You Need On Your Wedding Registry

You can only register once love birds, so let's do this thing right. Registering for your wedding basically goes like this: someone hands you a magic laser gun, you zap your favorite items in the store, and they end up on your door step two weeks later. It's like Christmas, but in the middle of the summer. ☀️

The problem is that wedding registries can get tricky when you want to make sure you're getting the very best things for your future home. This is why we're here to suggest our top 12 things you need to "zap" into your registry to make sure you have everything you need to start your new life with your spouse.

1. A Good Set of Pots and Pans

This is something your mom would tell you to buy, I totally get it. BUT, if you register for a good set of pots and pans they will last you a LIFETIME. The set that we registered for was a Calphalon 9-piece set and they are so durable we basically plan on being buried with them.

2. Dinnerware with 8-12 Settings

I have two suggestions for you when looking for dinnerware: 1) Register for dinnerware that you will really love. Don't register for all white plates, bowls, and cups because that's what everyone else has - find something you'll want to use every day! 2) Don't be afraid of price. People who are coming to your wedding care for you and want to gift you with nice things. So don't be afraid to register for a set you know you'll love even though it might be a little pricey.

3. Furniture (it sounds crazy, but read on)

Emily and I thought we were crazy when we put a beautiful white desk and desk chair on our registry. This stuff is not cheap, but we were like "Hey, the worst thing that could happen is someone just doesn't buy it." Guess what? We ended up getting them both! We were blown away. If you have a good idea of what your future home will look like and know what furniture you want to get, go ahead and register for it! What's the worst thing that could happen?

4. Vacuum

This is a pretty common thing to register for but I think it's important to mention. Especially because too many couples register for a janky vacuum or forget to get one altogether. Can I let you in on a secret? If you don't get something on your registry, you have to buy it yourself - and I'm guessing you'd rather receive a $200 vacuum for free rather than having to invest your own money in it. We registered for a lightweight Shark vacuum from Target and we are super happy with it.

5. A Quality Blender

Notice I said a "quality" blender. There are probably a hundred different cheap blenders you could go out and buy right now that could probably make 10 smoothies, but then would burn out. Register for a quality blender and you will not be disappointed with. We went for a Ninja blender and we use it almost every day. It crushes ice like Frozone from the Incredibles and chops our homemade salsa up nicely, too. Again, if you invest in something of higher quality, you will not regret it down the road when it's still working in 20-30 years.

6. Sheets, Towels, and Pillows

Your linens and bathroom towels are equally about quantity AND quality. Eight towels sounds like a lot till you're the one that has to do laundry every week because you didn't register for enough towels. Make sure you also put down for some hand towels, face towels, and multiple sets of sheets. I've probably said this enough already, but I'll go ahead and say it again...don't settle for poor quality! Get sheets and towels that will last.

✅ Pro Tip: Think about where you are going to register and where you will be happy to receive store credit for returned items. If you end up with two vacuums (like we did) and get to return them to Target, no problem! Because at Target you can buy movies, food, furniture, and loads of other fun things. But, like TONS of couples we've talked to post-registry, if you registered your big items at Bed Bath and Beyond and end up with $500 of store credit, there are only so many cookie sheets you can buy.

7. Bar Essentials

We didn't register for any bar essentials or have a "stock the bar" shower and I think it could have been a good idea. Having a stocked bar and the right bar tools are really important to some people. If this is you, go ahead and register for a nice bar cart and wine & beer glasses. A lot of the time your guests will pool their money together to be able to purchase bigger items, so registering for something like a bar cart isn't as crazy as it might sound.

8. Board Games and Entertainment

In our family, board games and card games are absolute staples. We registered for 2-3 board games and I think we ended up receiving 5-6. We got games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Scattegories. I would have never thought to register for games if someone wouldn't have suggested it to me, but wow am I happy we did. 

9. Around the Kitchen

Everyone needs a spatula and hot pads. There are so many little tools and trinkets in the kitchen it can be overwhelming so look for grouped sets that come with 10-12 kitchen tools. Or you can always register for all your kitchen tools separately, because it might give someone an excuse to buy 4-5 things to make a good sized present for you. I'd say the average gifting from a guest is between $40 and $50 so if you need a pineapple splitter or a lemon squeezer, you go for it! But seriously, don't forget a spatula.

10. Suitcases

This is genius. Literally, genius. I don't know who recommended to register for a set of suitcases, but bless their soul because this was such an amazing idea. We travel quite a bit when we film so having brand new suitcases both for the honeymoon and future adventures is incredibly nice. I suggest registering for a hard case 3-piece suitcase. They are durable and the different sizes are helpful depending on whether you'll need a carry on or something bigger for over-seas travel.

11. Power Tools

Listen up guys. This is your one chance to get that Dewalt Cordless Drill you've been drooling over at the Home Depot. Registering at an extra place like Lowes or Home Depot won't hurt your chances at making sure you get what you're really wanting from Target or Pottery Barn. I've seen couples register at 5-6 places sometimes. So feel free to register for power tools, you and your future squeaky door won't regret it.

12. Honeymoon

We were recently looking for a gift for a wedding we're attending and saw that they registered with a company called Zola. I had no idea what it was so I investigated (clicked on the link). I'm sure there are others out there who do something similar, and I promise this is not a paid ad, but this is such a good idea. They basically registered for people to buy them excursions on their honeymoon. WHAT. So now instead of paying $300 - $500 to ride horses on the beach or zip line through a jungle, your friends just buy it for you. What an amazing idea.


Thank you all for reading our list of 12 things you need for your wedding registry. If you loved our list and have other engaged friends who you think would benefit from our list feel free to share! If you think we missed a key item that you registered for comment below and tell us what we've missed. Thank you again for stopping by, we hope this engagement season is one of peace and that you all get all the board games your heart desires. 🙏🏼